26. listopadu 2017 v 23:43 | Marsi |  Moje kecy

Topanga is hot today
Manson's in the air
And all my friends have come
'Cause they still feel him here
I want to leave
I'll probably stay another year
It's hard to leave when absolutely nothing's clear


10. března 2017 v 23:44 | Meow |  Moje kecy

Take away the sugar-coated comfort
Tonight I'll be crooked

사탕 발린 위로 따윈 집어 쳐
오늘밤은 삐딱하게

Udělala jsem to zas!

26. března 2016 v 21:16 | Marsi |  Pan Policajt
No jako byste mě neznali.



23. března 2016 v 21:35 | Marsi |  Moje kecy
- "Jsem ráda, že se odstěhoval. Asi by mi řádně zamíchal milostným životem. Tak nějak mám pro něj pořád slabost."
- "On je tvůj kryptonit."

"Don't resent me and when you're feelin' empty,
keep me in your memory,
leave out all the rest.

all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well.
someone else can come and save me from myself.
I can't be who you are."

Rainy mood

8. února 2016 v 0:31 | Marsi |  Pan Policajt

These are the nights and the lights that we fade in
These are the words but the words aren't coming out
They burn 'cause they are hard to say
For every failing sun, there's a morning after
Though I'm empty when you go
I just wanted you to know

Kam dál